We use a commercial embroidery process in where a graphic design is translated into a stitch file in a process called digitizing.  The stitch file is then output on a commercial embroidery machine where thread is sewn onto a garment or other substrate to create the final embroidered design.
3D Embroidery
3-D Embroidery

  3-D Embroidery is a specialty process where a material is added to the embroidery process to give it a raised 3-D effect.


  Appliques is another specialty embroidery process where a material is embroidered onto an item.  This process is common in sporting apprel such as names and numbers on the backs of professional athletic jerseys.  The most common material used in this way would be tackle twill.

You may see applique on some college apparel as well.  In these applications you may see it done with t-shirt material, flannel, or, almost any other material that will give an accent to the original item that it is placed on.



  Here at printed stitches we produce patches in house and are capable of making them in traditional or custom shapes.